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Too Busy!!!!

When I started this blog I promised myself that I would be faithful to the cause and post at least once a week, if not more. Well, it seems that I already am a failure at keeping my own promise. It’s bad enough that I didn’t participate in this months Bakers Challenge- which was a gingerbread house- I just could not find the time to post anything this past month. I have been in New York with my 3 year old, visiting my mother, seeing friends, shopping, a weeks trip to Miami- the list goes on and on. Not to say that I haven’t been baking- on the contrary, I have been a baking fiend, making countless cookies,cakes, and for my first time-  stollen and panattone (with homemade candied orange peel…) So, in lieu of posting anything here are just a few pictures from the last month. I am going home at the end of next week so I will start posting again. Let me know if you see something that you want the recipe for…..

buche de noel with handmade sugarpaste flowers

Maple Pecan cookies

Red Velvet cake for surprise 50th party

reindeer sugar cookies for preschool xmas party

buttery pecan rounds

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